Let's Get to Know Imam Ali (as)[Hardcover]

Let\'s Get to Know Imam Ali (as)

Let's Get to Know Imam Ali (as)[Hardcover]

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Eleven Special Virtues about Imam Ali (as) for children.

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A historical picture book designed to give an overview of the life and personality of Imam Ali (as). Excellent reading material for use in the classroom as well as story telling.

Editor-in-Chief: Ahmed Haneef.
Translated and Adapted by Rasheeda Haneef.
Development Editors: Hajar Khadijah R. and Hamid Reza.
Illustrator: Farid Mullayi and Sajjad Rabiyi.
Graphic Designers: Haidar Rabiyi and Hajar Khadijah Z.

1st Printing: August 2004
from the original book by Isaa Tavakkoli