VICEGERENCY (Risalah al-Wilayah)

A Treatise on Islamic Mysticism and Spiritual Wayfaring
By Allamah Seyyid Muhammad Husain Tabatabai
This treatise is a discourse written by the heir of Islamic philosophy in the contemporary world and a master of Islamic mysticism and spiritualism, Allamah Seyyid Muhammad Husain Tabatabai, famously known for his great exegesis al-Mizan fi Tafsir al-Quran.
Risalah al-Wilayah explains the human perfection that is achieved by the saints or vicegerents of Allah and the lofty stations they reach in the ladder of mental, spiritual and practical wayfaring.
In the author's view, the ultimate goal of all divine scriptures is to direct mankind towards perfection and to reach the level of sainthood and absolute reality, and the particulars of religious legislation aim at creating the spiritual and social climate necessary for this path to perfection.
One of Allamah's most distinguished students, Ayatullah Jawadi Amuli has said about this book that it is 'The best work of Allamah Tabatabai'.

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Translated by Zaid Alsalami
First Published in 2009